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Who Do You Respect?

by Daniel J.M. Galpin

This question was posed in a Sunday school class I attended. With it, was this explanation: “I don’t mean God, but who on earth do you respect and have an awe for because of that persons’ influence on your life in regards to your relationship with Christ?” As I took a moment to reflect on his statement, one person came to mind quickly. This person had invested much into my life and I can honestly say, it is because of this person, I am the person in Christ, I am today.

Many people would name a teacher, preacher, friend or a relative: uncle or aunt. Some may say, they have not one, but a few, people who have shaped their lives. While I have had a few very godly influences in my life, not one has had the impact of Christ in my life as this one person. She has her faults, as we all do, but she has taught me what is the most important part of the Christian life. Through her life and her words she has showed me and encouraged me to live out the Christian life in all areas of my life. She created in me an awareness that God cares about the smallest details of our lives.

No pastor, Sunday school teacher, youth leader, evangelist, you name it, has been able to teach me what this one woman has taught me. Yet, if you saw her in the street or in the store, you would not notice her over others. She is a simple woman who loves God and God’s ways. This is what she taught me: To love God and others more than myself and to put God’s Word into action even if it means I will suffer loss to do His will. Although I’m thick headed and it takes a lot to get through to me, she has been persistent and faithful to train me in the ways of God.

This has also given me a greater understanding of a verse many I’ve spoken to have had great confusion over: 1Tim 2:15, “Notwithstanding she (women) shall be saved in childbearing, if they continue in faith and charity and holiness with sobriety,” The person I respect above others is Penny Galpin, my mother. I believe God has given to women the greatest career of all, that of raising the next generation. Women have the ability to form the minds of the men and women of tomorrow for God, but if they take this role lightly as it seems to be happening in today’s culture, the next generation will suffer a great loss and the cause for Christ, from a human perspective, will suffer this loss as well. It is my hope and prayer Christian women of today will realize their God given role of motherhood and return to it, embrace it, and devote themselves to it as a full time career as God intend it to be.