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Walk the Talk

by Daniel J.M. Galpin

I was in church the other day and the pastor preached a wonderful sermon. It was titled, “Talk the Talk vs Walk the Talk.” Basically he shared there are two types of Christians, those who merely talk the Christian talk and those who walk the Christian talk.

Talkers know the right things to say, they know the right things to do and they are sure to let you know they know. They share their wealth of information with any and all that will give them an ear to hear. They enjoy telling others what the Christian life is all about and offer explanations as to why your Christian life may not be all it can be. The average person can learn a great deal of knowledge from these “believers.” They’re never without an answer and thrive on letting others know their knowledge. Just don’t ask them to give you a true to life example. They’ll be at a loss and their once fountain of words will dry up quick as they look for the emergency exit!

Controversially, those who walk the talk, have the same head knowledge and will share it, given the opportunity, but they also possess the practical “how to” knowledge all true believers need to live out the Christian life. These folks are often willing and able to help others through difficult times. You can know them by both their words and deeds. Sure they stumble and learn just as any other Christian, but they will share their lives with you, both good and bad to encourage and strengthen you in your walk with Christ. Their circumstances may differ from yours, but the principles by which they stand are time honored and true because their advice in found in the Scriptures and the evidence of such is found in the pages of the history of their lives.

While the first group may have the head knowledge, they lack the conviction of what they believe. They are like one who believes an airplane can fly and will gladly encourage you to get on board, but they would never get on one themselves! The second group also believes the plane can fly and they too will encourage you to board the plane, as they board it and show you they believe because their trust is not in the man made device, nor in the pilot, but in the one who created all things and holds all things in His hands. They know the plane will get where it needs to go and if the plane should go down unexpectedly, by appearance that is, that it will only go down if the Creator has a greater purpose in doing so.

Who would you rather learn from? Who would you rather follow? The one who talks the talk or walks the talk. I’d prefer and encourage anyone, it’s best to follow the walker rather than the talker.