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A Very Thin Thread

by Daniel J.M. Galpin

Have you ever done that which is right, good, and correct and suffered for it? At times this is our calling. 1Pet 3:16-17 - “Having a good conscience; that, whereas they speak evil of you, as of evildoers, they may be ashamed that falsely accuse your good conversation in Christ. For better, if the will of God be so, that ye suffer for well doing, than for evil doing.” Yet at those times, it is the hardest to stand and live for Christ. We expect to suffer when we do wrong, but we anticipate a positive reward when we do right. Then when that reward is a time of suffering we react with questions and doubts about God’s love for us. These are the times we must cling to Christ all the more, but our natural instinct is to feel betrayed by Him.

If we are not grounded in the Scripture to the point of knowing we can trust God and if we have not experienced His trustworthiness in the past, due to our compromising, it is all the more difficult to trust Him in our present state. How can we be expected to trust someone we don’t know? I’m not speaking of a mere intelligential acknowledgement, rather we must know God via a relationship or we will not trust Him.
This is why it is a must to be in the Word and memorize Scripture. We know the character of the Lord and as we learn of Him, He gives us opportunities to experience Him. As we yield to such experiences, we grow in experiential knowledge of God’s goodness. Then we are able to trust Him in the times when we’ve done what is right and suffer for it.

These times of trust are likened to a very thin thread. It is sometimes all that is holding us up from disbelief or giving up. The thin thread is supplied by God and made strong by Him. The truth of the matter is even our holding on to the thread is empowered by the Lord. I know without Him holding my hand which was holding the thread, I would have let it go by now.

Having seen His work in the past gives us confidence to keep on keeping on. Therefore when we are tempted to give up, disbelieve, or walk away, we must return to Him and ask Him to cause us to hold tight onto that very thin thread. After which He is faithful to open doors we could never have imagined possible. Just look at the lives of those recorded in Scripture and we know this to be true.

Abraham, a no one from no where told to go out from his people to a place he did not know, the result: the nation of Israel. Joseph, sold into slavery, by his own kin, framed by his master’s wife and imprisoned, the result: second in command of Egypt. Job, very righteous in the sight of God, striped of everything: health, wealth, and family, the result: his health returned, wealth increased more then before it was taken, and his children restored. David, so insignificant in the sight of his own family, he wasn’t considered when they all stood before Samuel; in fact, Samuel was first impressed by David’s brother’s outward qualifications, the result: God said no to the brother and David was chosen. Peter, denied knowing Christ out of fear, yet was in his heart regretful, the result: Christ said, upon Peter will be build the church. The list continues throughout history.

Had any of those let go of the thin thread holding them while in their trial, we would have missed out on a great testimony of God’s work and God’s grace. Are you at a thin thread moment? ‘Does your life feel as if all will fall to pieces at any moment? Are you doubting God’s goodness or “fairness?” If so, retrace God’s track record. The odds are definitely in favor of trusting God for working it all into place for our good.