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Unconditional Love?

by Daniel J.M. Galpin

When we become Christians we learn a new way of life, but sometimes we confuse the way the new life works. We think if we do all the right things, God will bless us. We think we have to control our sin, what we do and don’t do. We think a good Christian is defined by how we act towards others and God. We have a lot of ideas about how to be a good Christian.

While all those ideas are good and there’s nothing wrong with doing them. That is not how we become good Christians. We have been unintentionally lied to by well meaning individuals such as myself. Individuals trying to help us grow more like Christ: Pastors, teachers, book writers and essay writers. Many of the things that have been written are true and the advice given is good. So why is there still all the confusion? What was the lie?

We’ve missed the simplicity of Christianity! We have made it out to be more complex than it is. The same simplicity of salvation applies to living out our salvation. I am not saying it is easy to carry out Christianity, but if we focus on one thing and only one thing, it becomes clear how to live out Christ’s plan for our lives.

Whatever God brings into our live whether by divine appointment or by allowing it to occur, we must choose daily, sometimes even moment-by-moment to love Him. Actually it’s the same love He gives us. Again, this is not easy.

Why do some people’s lives appear to go forward without any problems while others have new problems everyday? Why is one family suffering while another succeeds? Why is one person taken into a life of misery while other a life of bliss? Taking out those things that we have brought upon ourselves, this seems very unfair. Maybe God knows the family with the greater sorrow can handle the sorrow while the family appearing to be in bliss can’t.

God know our weaknesses and our strengths. He knows how far each of us can go before we snap, unfortunately our view of how much we can endure is less then His so we feel it’s too much. The feeling is real and true and we suffer the pain, yet God has promised He will not over load us. We must choose to believe Him, for to do so is also choosing to love Him.

This is how we can love as God loves, unconditionally. To love Him despite the pain, whether it be Him directly via some circumstance or by way someone else He has brought into our lives that we feel is bringing us pain. Every moment of our life is ultimately in His control, even the wretched things we dare not thing of. We cannot control these things, however we can control how we response to them. Of course in all honestly this is much easier said then done.

I am not one that can speak with authority on this only because I have not done so faithfully. I can say however, when applying this truth it has brought me great joy.