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"Prove all things..." 1Thess 5:21

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Three Types of Christians; Two Types of People


This group too often becomes lumped wrongly with proclaimers resulting in God’s reputation suffering and misunderstandings between unbelievers and believers; this misunderstanding is not limited to unbelievers because Christians can be fooled by proclaimers too. Christians have a relationship with Jesus Christ, defend the Holy Bible, in its entirely, in context, striving to live a life pleasing God following the Royal Law: [Jas 2:8].

Proclaimers and Pretenders

These people resemble Christians outwardly, attending church, talking about God and seeking to please God, but they do not know God [Matt 7:21]. Their lips profess God, but their hearts are far from God [Matt 15:8]. The key difference between these people and Christian is twofold: they seek to keep the law attempting to earn God’s favor while Christians understand no righteousness of man pleases God [Isa 64:6] and they may defend the Bible, but only as it fits their opinions of how God should behave or expect us to behave [Matt 23:15]. The distinction is only known by God or when they reveal themselves by word and deed contrary to the Holy Bible as a lifestyle, even defending sinful actions, which Scripture warns against [Isa 5:20].


Non-Christians do not believe the
message Christians present regarding
God. No one seeks God [Rom 3:11]
without God drawing them [John 6:44].
Until God opens their minds, which the
god of this world, Satan, has blinded, they
have no hope for redemption - [2Cor 4:4].
Some non-believers remain neutral
towards Christians while others are
hostile and most confuse Christians with
proclaimers adding to their confused
understanding of God and Christianity.