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There’s a Bird at My Window

by Daniel J.M. Galpin

Each morning just like clockwork a bird comes to my window trying to get in. The window has never been open nor has the bird ever been in, but just the same, every day the bird tries. The bird keeps hitting the window time after time. Sometimes he gets a flying start and hits the window hard while other times he just flaps his wings hovering at the glass of the window pecking at it. He’s been trying for weeks without success.

I paid him no mind in the beginning, but as the days turned into weeks I find myself wondering will he come again to day? Sure enough he shows up just as the day before. I’ve begun to wonder, why he keeps coming? What does he think he’ll accomplish by trying to enter a place where he cannot? The window is a fixed window so even if I wanted to help him enter, I couldn’t.

I do know one thing, I’m learning a valuable lesson from the bird: to continue to try to do the impossible even when I know it’s impossible. It reminds me of the Christian life. We strive to live our life for God knowing we’ll never finish the task until Jesus’ return. Yet we must not grow weary in the light of the growing evil of our day. Jesus has assured us He will be with us always unto the end of the world. We know too, we can rest in Him when we feel we can’t go on, just as that bird would rest on the limb of a nearby tree in between attempts to enter the window.

As we know it may be impossible to overcome all of our sins before our Lord’s return we cannot stop yielding them over to Lord so He will continue to get glory in the changes He makes in us. Just as the bird continues, we must continue, doing good in the name of the Lord and for our Lord Jesus Christ.