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Selective Obedience

by Daniel J.M. Galpin

We could list a number of issues and compare our actions to the actions we know we should take as Christians. If we don’t know the way we are to behave in a give circumstance then we are to consult the Word of God to know His answer. If we disobey on occasion we’re not guilty of selective obedience rather falling short of our calling. The remedy is clear in that case: acknowledge our sin before God and the one we’ve sinned against and move on. However, if we know what God says to do and willfully choose not to, and have little desire to do so, then we must face the fact: I’m being selectively obedient in that part of my life.

I’ve been told I’m too honest. But, I’m grateful God has brought me to a point in my life where I’ll risk rejection to speak the truth. When we hear the truth we should react to it. Hopefully we consider what’s said and weigh it against the Word of God rather than react only with our emotions. My desire is not to condemn the church as a whole, or you, or me. Yet, we must as Christians face the issue of selective obedience because the testimony of Christ is on the line. The world is watching us. They see our hypocrisy and mock us for it. We must not hang our heads and hide, or blame someone else as Adam and Eve did in the garden and as we often do. We are called to humble ourselves and admit our sin. Yes, we can say that we are only human. The world is only human too. But, there is a huge difference. We have Christ within us and they do not; we can overcome and they cannot; we know and have access to the truth – the Holy Scriptures – and we have the ability to understand it; they can access it, but do not understand it.

If Christ is to be given honor we must stop our selective obedience to Him and fully surrender, whatever our particular sins. When we became Christians we surrendered to Him as Lord. Therefore, we do not have the legal or moral right to control our lives; we must surrender to the Word of God even when it goes against the present culture. It may cost us our job, our family ties, or our friends. There may even come a day in America when it costs us our physical lives.

God’s word must be adhered to regardless of my opinion, your opinion, or anyone else’s opinion. So my question to each of us is what problem or circumstance are you now facing? What does the word of God say about it? If you do not know, look it up. And most importantly, what will you do about it?