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Secret Sins

by Daniel J.M. Galpin

As most Christians, I have secret sins. You know those sins done when no one is around to see. On the outside I look pretty respectable, but in the absence of those around me, I know the truth. Unfortunately, I’m not the only one.

When we sin in front of others, our weaknesses are made known, but sinning alone, who’s to know? I’ve known intellectually that the hosts of heaven and the devil and demons know, but it was not enough to stop me from my indulgences. It’s my sin, in private and who’s to know? We cannot see the heavenly hosts nor the forces of darkness so in some way their presence is belittled, at least in an emotional or intellectual way. Nonetheless, they are there.

It’s no doubt the heavenly hosts rejoice at our well doing, likewise those that guard the pit rejoice and mock our Lord and Father when we sin, especially when we think, naively, there are no witnesses to are indiscretion. Similarly, the evil ones grieve as we yield to the Lord and do good when no one is there and heaven’s population mourns at our “hidden” sins.

This knowledge has been with me for years, hidden in the back of my mind. Somehow I seemed able to dismiss it until recently. I don’t even remember who the speaker was, whether on the radio or at a church service, but God used his words to convict me: Even when we’re alone, and it appears our sin will not be seen or known, the devil and his forces are made a where of our “secret” sins. I’m wouldn’t doubt it if our sins are logged down for future use against us.

While we may manage to deceive those around us, we will never keep the spirit world from knowing of our actions. I’ve prayed recently when under those familiar temptations “no one will know” that God will cause me to be a witness to the unseen world of His faithfulness and His integrity so His name will be glorified in heaven and hell as He holds me true to my profession of Christ. I figure, maybe in error, if I’m true to Him in the spirit world I can’t help but be more loyal to Him in the physical. Then if I receive any praise it will pure of heart and I will not be saying in my mind: “if you only knew.”

Of course, any praise given is not because I deserve it, rather it’s because God kept me from sin, in His mercy, by His grace and for His pleasure. I don’t truly understand how He gets glory when we don’t sin, when the only reason we don’t is because of His power, mercy and grace. Sure, I may choose to not sin, but without Him, my choice would be in vain.

I hope God uses this or some other means to encourage others to be mindful of our Christian witness in the heavens and before Satan and his workers and not just in front of those we see. To often, I believe our pride keeps us from sin in front of others, when it should be our love for our Lord and Savior and our Father and Creator. May we become more alert to the world we do not see, that even there God will receive the glory due His name.