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Practical Living

by Daniel J.M. Galpin

I have enjoyed Tom Henry’s approach practical Christian living. Something I had hoped to see in churches long ago. I have often believed that practical plans of action would help encourage believers to live for Christ. Equally important, if not more important than knowing God’s Word is knowing how to carry it out. In a time where compromise is the standard in the churches today, it is refreshing to hear someone stand up and speak of how to live the truth.

Just as the Scripture speaks of counting the cost of a project, one must count the cost of Christianity. Although it is a free gift, the gift comes we a great responsibility, which seems to be taken for granite by many today. While most churches seem more concerned with high numbers, it is the quality of the believer’s faith that is important. As Christians live out our faith without compromise or excuses through a sincere love and desire to share their lives with others, we will draw people to Christ and/or Christians to a closer walk with the Lord. A brother in the faith once said something that has never left me: “How we attract others to Christ, is what we must continue to do in order to keep them and each time we must out perform the last or we will be in endanger of loosing them.” His plea was to stop using events, systems, and gimmicks to attract people to Christ and simply preach the Word of God and practically demonstrated it in our lives.

The average Christian church attendee could stop learning and spend the rest of their lives living what they already know about the Word of God and not finish before the Lord takes them home. I’m not advocating we stop learning, but we must encourage practical living and accountability. As we obey more, God reveals more and we have more opportunities to obey and learn more. Scripture warns us, if we hear and do not obey (do), then we will deceive ourselves. God forbid, let us encourage each other unto godly living and do our calling.