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Pleasing Who?

by Daniel J.M. Galpin

All of us seek to please someone, even if it is merely one's self. Taught from a young age to not be a people pleaser, we ignore this advice and our lives are then shaped by the ones we aim to please.

There comes a time in every Christian's life they must determine who they will please: friends, family, strangers, bosses, self, the list goes on, however the only one that matters in the end is God. Did we live our lives to please God? This is the chief end of mankind, to please God.

Pleasing God at times is easy, other times it's not. There are times when we must all stand up for Christ, maybe not by force with someone threatening you, rather by choice because you love the One who saved you. In practical terms this means, will you stand for God's Word, God's way or not? I'm not speaking against the obvious, those who do not know God, rather against those who claim His salvation as their own!

When tradition and culture go against us in Christian circles, we must stand firm and if need be, stand alone! Christians of today are more concerned about the culture they live in than God WRITTEN Word! This MUST end! We can become so worldly within the church, the world outside no longer sees the difference between us and them. This too, MUST end! We are called to a light in a world of darkness rather than to join the darkness! Where is the light? In God's WORD! Where must our loyalty lay? To God's WORD! Why does the church not have the effect on the world we should? We are NOT following God's WORD!

Who is to say what God's Word says? GOD. He has clearly written out what He wants us to be and do. Scripture interrupts Scripture, not me or you or someone else. The point being, we need to know it to live it and we need to accept it as He wrote it. We can justify any part of Scripture to say whatever we what it to say, this is not a TRUE interruption of God's Word. It simply says what it says and we can accept God for who He and wants us to be OR reject Him and His Word.

If you seek to please God, you will seek His meaning, not yours! You will be loyal to His Word, not what someone says it says! So, who do you seek to please? It's