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A Picture of Christ’s Love

by Daniel J.M. Galpin

I was listening to my favorite radio station, BBN (Bible Broadcasting Network) on my way to church when I heard an incredible true story by the speaker on “Let My People Think” and my heart was deeply touched as I heard the following:

A man, his wife and their children lived in the states. Later the man was stationed in Japan. He faithfully wrote home and his wife read his letters to their children. Suddenly, the letters stopped. After three or four weeks a letter finally arrived. The husband informed his wife that he had fallen in love with a Japanese woman and would not be returning to the states. He asked her to tell the children. The mother delayed reading the letter for nearly a week, until one of the children asked her, “mama, why have you been so sad lately? Is it bad news about daddy?”

The mother, with great difficulty, read the letter to her children. One of her children, asked, “mother, even though daddy doesn’t love us anymore, can we still love him? This woman struggled with great emotions, replied, “yes, we can still love him.” The child then asked, “mother, will you write daddy and ask him to continue writing us? The mother did so, even though she suffered great pain in reading the letters to her children.

After a few years, another painful letter arrived. Her ex-husband explained he had cancer and did not have long to live. He then made an unusual request: would she consider sending extra money to his family in Japan to help them because they would not have enough money to survive on their own. He had married her during World War II and lost his retirement pay. It was one of the means used to discourage soldiers from marrying Japanese women.

The ex-wife, greatly shocked, wrote that she would if she could, but as it was she was barely able to survive herself. She had no additional resources to send. She then made this offer: if, when you pass away, you will have your family sent to America, I will teach them English and help them get a start here.

The story ended with this woman reflecting back on her life: She gave thanks to God for not remaining angry and becoming bitter at her ex-husband and thus being robbed twice. Once with the loss of her husband and second with the loss she would have suffered being bitter. Instead, she was able to be a godly example to her children as well as bringing the light of Christ to others in a most unusual way.

I often encourage others not to just hear the Word or talk about it, but to live it. This story is an example to all of us. I don’t know about you, but this example of unconditional love brings me to my knees. This woman allowed God to use her in such a wonderful way and it is my hope and prayer we too will do the same as God brings opportunity into our lives. Words are an empty shell, it is our actions that fill them and bring them to life.

We need to continue to ask ourselves, how can we bring the Word, which is Christ, to life, in our circumstances and situations? Thus, becoming a reflection of Christ who indwells us.