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by Daniel J.M. Galpin

Have you ever wished “what if” or said “if only”? I know I have. Recently I found myself in the laundry mat (washer is down) after running an errand. As I waited for the clothes to finish the wash cycle, and as they were spinning round and round, my thoughts spinned as well. I thought back to what brought me to this place in life.

About 17 years ago my mom and I moved east to North Carolina after my stepfather passed away. We spent some time figuring what would be the wisest decision as to our future. After a time, we were bursting with excitement for our new plans! We and one other person had agreed on a plan. I was to build a spec. house to sell, back in the 90's when houses actually were selling; my mom would put up the money for the construction and the third team member was to pay all our living expenses while I was building the house. Then once the this house was done, we'd sell it and I'd build two more; one for my mom and I and one for the other person, all this debt free. Then I was going to sell the house for my mom and I and build two more, one we'd keep and the other we'd sell. The other business partner could stay here or go back to California. What a great plan, right?

As I look back another awesome aspect of hindsight became clear. In 2006, my dad and I had finished a stock investment system we co-created and back-tested. It was ready for use. By that time I would have had a paid for house and about $200,000 in capital ready to invest. The system's ROI in a three year test was about 100% per year. Wow, this was great and it works in volatile times best, which is what we've seen most since 2006 when all was ready. I could invest both with my regular account and with my retirement account, then open both types of accounts for my mom and do the same. Some profit growing tax free in the retirement accounts and some in regular accounts that we could live on and enjoy life! The chart below shows the growth. Living cost in the chart are lower than otherwise needed due to two things: my mom has lived with me since my stepfather's death and we'd not have a house payment.

In the last few years I've been trying to raise 2M to produce a film. I developed a renewed interest in the film industry and with great state film incentives in our state of North Carolina, I can reduce the risk normally involved in film production. What's amazing is that our net worth would be about 2.5M by July 2011 (my year's end date because the system would have started in July 2006). Wow, we would have had the money needed to produce the film plus $500,000 to continue the stock investing!

So why am I in a laundry mat doing my wash? Because our plans don't always happen as we hope they will. The third business partner in the construction plan, skipped out midstream during the construction of the first house. A three legged stool doesn't stand very well. My dad got cold feet regarding the system we created so he wouldn't use it and I didn't have the funds since my mom and I were left in financial hardship from the third partner skipping out. In fact, we're in worst shape now then when we left California because we tried to borrow are way out of the hole. We all know how well that works, just look around you and look at our government. The USA, once the richest nation in the world, is now one of the greatest, if not the greatest debtors in the world and on the brink of default.

What's the moral of the story? Perspective! And not what you might think. On the one hand I'd be very well set and producing a indie film with capital to spare instead of standing on the brink of bankruptcy trying to find work and/or financial backing for my film. While I'm still doing what I can to resolve my finical crisis, a surprising realization came to me today: I wouldn't change the way things played out. Yes, I'd be financially set if things had gone as planned, but I'd be a different person, see the chart below. The list is in no way a complete one:

I am thankful to God for allowing that third leg of the stool to be broken off and my dad's cold feet regarding our investment system. While I will admit, life would have been easier if gone as planned, I know it would not have been better. Again, I thank my