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One Thing

by Daniel J.M. Galpin

Many Christians spend much of their lives in search of “the one thing” that will take their Christian lives to extreme heights: To a place where God is pleased with all they do, to a place where they sin so seldom they would forget what sin is, if that was actually possible, a place where they and God are in utter indescribable peace and harmony, a place many only dream of and see as so far off that it is and remains a dream their entire Christian lives. Is such a place real? And if so how do we get there? Is it really obtained by “the one thing?” And if so, what is “the one thing?”

I’ve been “in the church” for over twenty-five years and saved for about eighteen years of that time. I’ve observed many people trying many things to obtain the above. Some get overly involved in church activities to the point of losing their families to the world due to neglect. Others believe, sincerely, that we are just to sit still and God will zap us one day with His mighty power and we will, in an instant, be super Christians second only to Christ Himself. And of course, there are a variety of ways and balances ranging from one extreme to the other, all claiming to be “the one thing,” yet time continues to prove each persons “one thing” to be false. Yet, we all know of great giants of the faith and long to be like them.

So, how did they do it? “The one thing” that makes a Christian a success is so simple many don’t believe it’s really true. I only wish I could calm to have thought of it, but I didn’t. Many will acknowledge it, yet in their very being they don’t believe it to be “the one thing” so they don’t do it and they continue to try one method after another failing to reach their goal. It is not of man, but passed down by man generation after generation with only a few ever putting it into practice and finding that peace here on earth with God that so many desire.

Also, many think that “the one thing” is a one time event or task. Something we say or do at a specific time in our lives and it remains with us for the rest of our lives. This is just not true!! “The one thing” is something that is an on going task. I’m using the word task loosely. Let me explain it this way:

Most of us can remember our first love. That boy or girl that all consumed us! We thought of that person day and night. We went out of our way to please them. They control us! We scheduled our day to be with them, talk to them or even just see a glimpse of them passing. To each of us, that person was our all in all, our very life’s happiness was dependent upon seeing, being with or talking to that person. And we spent hours rehearsing the right words to say to “make that impression.” I trust you know what I’m saying. And if you’re too young to understand, you will, I can guarantee it!

That is “the one thing!” Being in love with God to the point that we’ll do whatever, whenever, however, just to see a glimpse of Him, to feel His pleasure and taste His goodness. I know it as fact because I’ve been there. I’ve experience each phase: when my mother told me of this great “secret” of the Christian faith, I remember thinking, that’s too easy and there must be more. Over the years I’ve tried church busyness and just sitting and asking God to zap me plus many in between. I know what it is to love God and be in that special place with Him and I know what is it to leave it because loving someone is something that must be maintained regularly.

You can use the term super Christian if you want, but I wouldn’t. Being a Christian in its simplest form is just being in love with Jesus! That’s why in Revelations 2:5,6 the Lord warns us to beware not to lose are first love! The more we love the Lord, the more we want to put ourselves aside and do what pleases Him. The more we do want pleases Him, the more we want to love the Lord. It’s the only positive catch 22 I know of. Sometimes with our love on earth the other person is not interested in us as we are them or the relationship doesn’t last, either way that can be a real downer, but with Christ, He’s the one with the crush on us and He’s the one chasing us and He’s the one that is thrilled to just catch a glimpse of us! All he wants is what we want in that earthly person, for them to notice us! Christ just wants us to love Him!!!

When we love Christ, we can change the world for Christ. Love Him! Soak yourself in His Word! Find out who He is and what He’s all about and I guarantee, you won’t experience anything else like it on earth! In closing, I just want to say, thanks mom for sharing the greatest “secret” of all with me and thank you Lord for being patient with me when I’ve sought after “other ways” to grow in you rather than just doing “the one thing” you told us in your word to do; the greatest commandment is: to love the Lord our God with all our heart, all our mind, and all our soul. There’s nothing else like it in all the earth!!!