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Maturity, How?

by Daniel J.M. Galpin

Christ used parables to express what He wanted us to understand. As I think back on life, I see it is a parable also. We are born small infants unable to help ourselves. Those over us teach us to crawl, talk, walk, run, ride a bicycle, drive a car, for some a boat, plane, and train and for a few, they learned to command the space shuttle. Each gives us more freedom, yet each demands more responsibility from us and so it is with our Christian life.

When we come to know Jesus as Savior and Lord, we are born into the household of God, adopted, as His children. Just as we learned to crawl and talk, we must learn the ways of God. As we learned to walk and run, we also must learn to apply the Word of God to our life so we can walk as His sons and daughters. Just as we were given the privilege to ride a bike and drive a car, we had to follow the rules that govern those privileges, we need to be faithful to do the revealed will of God, not out of fear of loss, but as responsible sons and daughters of our Father in heaven.

Many times we know what to not do or what to do, yet how do we do it? I can only share what has been shared with me: know God’s Word in our hearts by memorizing and mediating on it day and night. Don’t memorize to out do someone or to win God’s approval, but because we love Him. Mediate, that is, think on the verses we study or memorize “looking” for ways to bring God’s Word to life in our lives. Pray to God continuously, talking to Him as we work and play. Listen for Him to answer our prayers not our way, but His way and then obey.

Growing to maturity in Christ is like growing up physically. If we know how to crawl, but never try to walk, we’ll never walk. If we get self confident and don’t seek help to learn and do the new things God wants us to, we’ll remain His children and never reach sonship. If we never deal with the sin we know we’re doing, we will not mature. Cry out to God and truly decide to change and God will do the changing, but if we only want to be rid of the guilt and consequence of our sin, and not the sin, God will let us remain under the domination of that sin. Christ is alive in us. The Holy Spirit will empower us to change, but God first wants us to want, truly want, to change. Then He will do His mighty work in us.

Maturity is choosing, deciding, determining to change just as the farmer chooses to sows and water the seed; then God does the change within in us, He makes the seeds grow! With our motive not to be a better Christian or person, rather to obey what our Father has told us to do in our given circumstance at the given time were in it. Then trusting Him for the outcome even if we have no hope visible for our deliverance, not for the sake of obeying Him because He’s God and said so, rather for the sole purpose of expressing our love for Him to Him. It should be because of our love for Him that we obey Him.

He has promised, He will not give us what we can’t handle. Unfortunately for us, He knows that we can handle more than we know we can. Thus, if we don’t trust Him, we will have emotional turmoil. This I know for a fact, for I have suffered circumstances I felt I could not handle. The times I’ve had emotional turmoil has been because of my lack of trust and the times I been emotionally stable has been because of my trust in God’s faithfulness. And God has been faithful, as if that was a shocker! Even as I write to encourage others to grow in maturity, God has comforted me, my current “seemingly impossible” situation is in His hands and I need only trust and obey.