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Jude 2:11

by Daniel J.M. Galpin

If you turn to the above text or if you consider yourself a Bible scholar, you will find something unusual about the verse. It is not a typographical error: Jude 2:11 is the reference I intended to write.

I used a non-existing verse because so many I’ve come in contact with often refer to such verses to justify their behavior: not in words, but in spirit. For example, I have a friend, a dear Christian woman who knows Scripture says don’t co-sign for a loan, yet when her daughter needed a co-signer, the woman was ready to do so. Even after being shown the verses commanding us not to do it. She replied, it’s my daughter, not some stranger! Unfortunately, the Scripture made no exceptions regarding co-signing. Therefore one must either obey or be forced to “create” one’s own verse for support: “But it’s my daughter.”

Another way Christians “create” there own support is to accept only the verses that adhere to their preconceived thinking while overlooking the verses that disagree with their view. For example, some sects of the Christian faith excel in promoting salvation, but neglect the training of the saints of God to be Christ-like. They normally refer to the great commission as their text: Matt 28:19-20. Yet they take only the first half and deny/forget/ignore/neglect the second. That imbalance is “creating” one’s own text.

Another case: two Christians discussing topics of today: one Christian clings to his “right” to drink alcohol while the other to her “right” to watch movies. I watched as they went at it and I made no comment. A surprise, I’m sure, to those who know me: that is, that I made no comment! This is how it went: she told him what a bad testimony drinking is and he tried to defend it: back and forward they went. Then when he realized that he was getting nowhere, he switched the topic to her choice of movies, stressing her bad testimony in lack of wholesome movies she choose to view and invited others to watch with her. Of course, she was then on the defense and they were at it again. Both parties had excuses and tried to justify their pleasure. Sadly, neither one asked the most important questions: What does Jesus think? What would Jesus do? Am I offending a weaker Christian? Or am I limiting Christ’s testimony to the lost?

What about mixing our limited intellect with God’s Word? I know of a very prominent Christian those influence through radio, books, and videos is remarkable, yet on the radio he questioned the validity of creation! I was astonished! God told us He spoke it and it was. He told us evening and morning was a day and He worked six days and rested on the seventh. Later He told us it was an example for us. The question is, do we take God at His word or try to “create” how it happened to fit our own understanding?

Examples of blatant disregard for God’s Word are endless. As Christians, our lives are not ours anymore. Our lives are subject to the Scriptures regardless of public opinion, my opinion or yours. We are to cling to the Word of God as it is written with a child like faith; not a faith of blindness, rather a faith of trust as children trust their parents. When we were little children and our parents said this or that, we took it as gospel truth. Like-wise God expects nothing less. Some issues require deeper searching and study to have a clear understanding, but take the time to do find it: His wisdom is there!

These examples symbolize today’s Christian thinking in a number of ways. I hope my words were welcomed and accepted in the manner they’re intended: both a chastisement in love and encouragement for godly living. In no way am I better then any other, yet my love for our Lord compels me to say what I’ve said.