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I Am Job

by Daniel J.M. Galpin

Have you ever felt as Job did when his whole world was taken: his wealth, his children and his health? The only things he had left: a wife who told him to curse God and die and a few friends who thought they knew why God brought all the evil upon him, which they shared openly with him.

Wow, the things left behind were the things that should have been taken and the things taken should have been left behind! That's would I would have been thinking if I were Job! Yet, in and through it all, Job did not sin against God. He groaned, complained and questioned God severely, to the point that God finally answered Job and asked who do you think you are to question Me?

I'd imagine most of us have suffered times like Job and with responses like him or maybe worst responses, right? Some have told God where He could go and they have left the faith; some have rejected a God that could allow such to occur and thus never had a relationship with our Creator; some, while they have not forsaken God, have placed Him to the side and He no longer is the center of their universe; others have trusted Him even in the darkest moments of their lives, knowing in some way and some how God would reveal Himself to them in a deeper and more intimate way.

I have suffered as did Job and actually am in the mist of such as I write. My wealth is gone; my family has rejected me and gossips about me to extended family and to those outside the family circle, I guess they think the gossip will not find it's way to me, however, it eventually finds its way back, we all know this. Only my mom who lives with me since my dad's passing stands with me and she is suffering with me; lastly my health is in a questionable state as is my mother's. Fellow believers don't speak to me about what has happened because they don't know what to say. They may be thinking as Job's friends did, I don't know. What I do know is I have a choice to make. I can turn away from God or trust Him. Those are the only two real options at this point and I wish to explore them with you.

Option one, upfront, seems the most logical, after all, to serve a God that takes everything from you after years of serving Him appears to be justified, right? If this is to be the road I take, I must know where I will turn next:

I can join the arch enemy of my former leader, Satan, and seek to glorify him and his kingdom and be abundantly rewarded for it, after all he offered Christ the whole world if only Christ would bow to him and the world is his to give because God has given this world to Satan to rule and do with what he pleases. In war this would make the most since and we are in a spiritual war, are we not?

I can also seek to serve myself, rather than join Satan or God. This would be appealing in that I would let them war it out and remain neutral towards their spiritual war and even join the winning side once the war is over. Meanwhile, I can seek what I want and do what pleases me!

Option two, requires me to continue to serve God and wait on Him to reveal His plan and purpose for my suffering. It requires me to let go of the reins and wait. It requires me to trust in the truth of God's goodness, which I can not see presently.

Thus I am at a decision point in life. One that will define me both now and for evermore. Ultimately, I must answer one question and in doing so, my choice is made clear. Do I honesty, truly, believe what I have been taught about God and what I've read about Him in His Book or has my belief in such merely been a convenience to which I lived the last 25 years of my life. The answer to this simple question not only defines who I am and ever have been, it also defines who I will be tomorrow and the next day and forever! Either God is God or He's not. If He is, He has the right to take whatever He has given to me: wealth, health, family. If He's not, I and many others have wasted a lot of time, effort and money promoting Him as if He is.

It's a choice each of us must make when faced with life's circumstances that boggle the mind. If He is God, He promises all with be made right in His time. If He's not, there is nothing left to hope for. What would you choose if you have lost everything? Be careful how you answer, you may get the chance to experience it. It's always easier to answer when the question is hypothetical. Much like Peter when Jesus told him he would betray the Lord. Peter shouted, no way will I betray you, yet he did.

As for me and the choice I must make: be serious, where would I go? I cannot control the world around me! As for joining Satan, that's just plan insane! God can take it all, it's all His anyway! Even Satan, when he wanted to attack Job, had to get God's permission! Nothing, happens without God's direct control, both good or bad, it's all in His hand. Can we serve one higher than the Creator of the universe?

Take heart when your time of Job comes upon you. Trust in the one who controls it all and accept what He