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God’s Part - My Part

by Daniel J.M. Galpin

What part of the miracle of salvation and Christian living is my part and what is God’s? Are there different lines of responsibility? How can knowing these boundaries, if they exist, help us live for Christ?

Living for Christ is challenging and at times seems overwhelming! Yet we are a part of the family of God and thus must live for Him. If clear lines of responsibility truly exist, it is easier to live for Christ because we know want God expects of us. Like a child, which we are in the eyes of God, we have harmony with our parents when we know want they expect and they hold us accountable to such. The same would be true of our heavenly Father.

The boundaries of responsibilities are not to limit us, rather to protect us. When our earthly parents said, don’t play in the street, they were out for our good. They didn’t want a car to hit us. God has given us laws and rules to live by, not to earn His favor, but to secure us from danger. When we don’t yield to these limits we invite undo pain and suffering into our lives.

The lines of responsibility are clear. God doesn’t want us to be confused. God has provided the ultimate sacrifice: His son, Jesus Christ (Jn 3:16, Rom 5:8). God calls/chooses us for Himself (Jer 1:5, Jn 15:16, 1Pet 1:2). God causes us to accept Him (Rom 9:19). He empowers us to do His will (Phil 4:13, He prays for us because we don’t know how (Rom 8:26-27). He appears to have all the bases covered. What then is our part or do we have one? Yes, we do! We are to yield (submit), trust and obey.

God tells us this or that; we need to yield. Our doing so is evidence of our trust because we may not understand what or why God is doing what He’s doing. Obeying our heavenly Father is the same as when we obeyed our earthly one. It’s simplely doing what is asked of us. This too is evidence of our trust in the Lord and our trust is what God wants more than anything: for without faith it is impossible to please God. Without faith we will not yield, submit or obey.