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"Prove all things..." 1Thess 5:21

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Glimpses of the Bigger Picture

by Daniel J.M. Galpin

Life is such that we often are unable to see the bigger picture and even when we do, it’s only a part of God’s overall plans. God is sovereign over the good and the bad (Lam 3:38) and He can be trusted (Job 42:10-17). I’ve heard it said, it’s easier to obey God then trust Him and for the most part I fully agree. Obeying God is a clear choice, but trusting Him requires faith in the unseen. Of course, there are times when the two overlap, going hand in hand.

God created me with a cataract in my right eye (Exod 4:11). My parents, often my dad, struggled with this deeply. They were not Christians at the time and did not understand God’s reasons. As I grow up I struggled with limits others did not have because the surgery to remove the cataract left my right eye without a lens, thus, useless. I’ve come to accept God had His perfect plan for my eye being created as He did and I’ve come to see glimpses of His protection in doing so.

I wanted to be an airline pilot and planned to join the airforce, learn to fly, and then get a job as a commercial pilot. The airforce and commercial companies didn’t allow one-eyed pilots. Gee, I wonder why? I guess it’s not good PR to have a blind man flying their planes. Years later I came to see God’s hand of protection on my life through my lack of my right eye. I would have been in the airforce at the time of the desert storm war. Many came back with medical problems and I was spared. Additionally, I was discouraged from getting involved in sports because of the possible loss of my good eye. If I lost it in a sports game, I would have been totally blind. What appeared to be a loss in status and popularity growing up was actually a blessing. I did not have as many of the temptations as my peers did: girls falling for you just because you were a high school sports star, instead of loving you for you; pressures to indulge in alcohol and drugs at parties were not as strong as they could have been. Even though I was tempted, as we all are, God protected me from what I may not have been able to handle at the time. Oh, there’s also a financial plus to only having one eye: I get 50% off on contact lens! (one eye, half the cost; an attempt at a bit of humor).

My brother was fooling around with our cousin and some friends playing karate/kick boxing and broke is finger. He had to have three small medal pins put in his finger to allow it to heal correctly. Those pins, years later, prevented him from being allowed to join the army as a volunteer for the desert storm war. Again, God used an event in the past that didn’t relate to present events to protect the health of my brother.

God’s Word says He will use all things for the good of His children (Rom 8:28-29). He never said all things that happen will be good, but He’ll use what does happen for our good. Sometimes He reveals glimpses of the big picture to encourage us to continue to be faithful to Him even when the current storm seems overwhelming.