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Fighting God

by Daniel J.M. Galpin

Have you ever fought with God? I have and oh what a waste of time, money, and energy! I have fought so hard that I became unconscious of my fight with the one I once claimed to love! What seemly started with little things became a fight about everything. I can recall disregarding His still small voice: at times knowingly while other times, I merely was using “common since” or at appear as common since.

After graduation from high school I was thing of my life and what I wanted to do in the future. I had this thought come from out of nowhere to be a producer of film and TV. I dismissed it as fast as it came into my mind because I loved family life and I could not reconcile fourteen-hour days with a good family life. What I did not see was that those fourteen-hour days were not to be all year around, everyday of the year. That would be no life. Instead, it would be crazy long days for short periods of time and then long periods of time that I could be free to spend with my family in ways that the average person only wished to.

That seemingly innocent decision would effect the next twenty years of my life! In short summary, I ended up working long hours, many years only to end worse off than I was. The “fear” of long hours with no family life came upon me as a route part of my life. Thankfully I had no family of my own that would suffer for it. The verse come to mind, “if the builder of the house, build without the Lord, he builds in vain!” Then there were the willful choices when I knew what the Lord would rather I do; yet I wanted to do otherwise.

This lifestyle lead to a time of great confusion and sorrow. It’s one thing to suffer for the Lord’s sake, but to suffer of my own foolishness! I came to a point where I would know the right business choice to make, then, I would do the every opposite! I’d sit back and see what happen and think, who is this in control of me! I had planned to do this, but did that instead! And is cost me financially and emotionally. Then I’d see the error and plan again with intent to carry out my plans only to repeat the same folly! Over and over I’d plan to do a, b, and c only to carry out x, y, and z. Of course I’d get angry with God for the messy out come.

The Lord finally broke me to the point that I had no vision for the future and no hope. I pleaded for His guidance and bagged His forgiveness. Asking Him what He wanted me to do, instead of do what I wanted to do or instead of doing the “common since” thing.

Once I yelled my will to Him, the peace I once had come flooding back to me. Yes, I still have to deal with the cleanup of the messes I have created due to my willfulness, but oh what peace!

Ironically, soon after this release of my will, things started to fall into place on my next business opportunity. Something I’ve been trying to put together for over three or four years came together in a few days! Does this mean easy sailing from here on in? Of course not, but I have a new hope and new direction for the future.

While there is still one piece of the current project in question, and I’ll know about it soon, I’m at peace and peace is something money cannot buy! Therefore I urge you, don’t do what I did. Don’t fight with God; He will win in the end.

This fight may be as Christian seeking his will over Gods as was mine or this fight may be a non-Christian resisting God’s call. Either way, surrender now rather than later. You’ll have God’s piece and joy and years later you won’t regret not having made the decision sooner! May God bless you with His will, His way and His joy!