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Faith and Trust

by Daniel J.M. Galpin

I've been a Christian for some time and in looking back I tried to encourage others to cling to their faith and trust God even when it appears impossible. Now looking back, I should have been encouraging myself to do the same.

I've realized that while telling others to trust God, I've been doing everything in my power to do it all myself: to ensure my bills are paid and to become self-reliant so I didn't have to “trust” God to do it for me. After all, He might choose to do it in a manner in which I'm not pleased with or that I find undesirable. Wow, how we can lie to ourselves and not even know it or try to deny it when we do know. Wow, what a burden is lifted when we actually do choose to trust Him, even if that trust comes by Him forcing us into a situation where we must. Where all other options are exhausted.

It's like when the king was about to throw the three jewish men into the fire and they agreed that God could save them, if He so chose, but they would die otherwise. Of course, God did intervene in that case while He decided not to when Christians were being cut in two by saws. Why? He only knows, but one thing is for sure. It was His will or it would not have happened.

That is amazing faith to trust God with our very lives. We can do it willingly as they did or be forced to as I have become. Thankfully the answer is still the same. God is in control: end of story, regardless of how we see it or what we believe regarding it. God holds all our lives in the will of His choosing, even if we don't believe it. Thus is it not better to believe? To willingly surrender and place our faith in Him.

We will all stand before Him one day. Choose today to believe, have faith and trust and obey rather than to stand before Him after it's too late. Thankfully, although being forced into a circumstance that caused me to choose such, I did so willingly rather than to rebel and face Him in the hereafter.

God is keeping me on this earth until my time is up and then and only then will He remove me. And in this promise we can live without feat of what is to come. And if our end is near, there is no escape. Embrace it. Live for Him until the appointed a day!