Books by Phillip Keller

+ A Gardener Looks at the Fruit of the Spirit
+ The Shepherd Trilogy
+ A Shepherd Looks at Psalm 23
+ What Is the Father Like?
+ Mountain Splendor: This is My Father's World
+ Thank you, Father!
+ Walking with God: Wholeness and Holiness
+ Joshua: Mighty Warrior and Man of Faith
+ His Way to Pray
+ Serenity: Finding God Again for the First Time
+ Still Waters
+ David: The Shepherd King II
+ Strength of Soul
+ Lass: Based on Lessons from a Sheepdog
+ A Child's Look at the 23rd Psalm
+ Outdoor Moments with God
+ What Makes Life Worth Living
+ As a Tree Grows
+ Wonder O' the Wind
+ Sea Edge
+ Sky Edge
+ Triumph Against Trouble: Finding God's Power in Life's Problems
+ Ocean Glory
+ Salt for Society
+ Elijah, Prophet of Power
+ Mighty man of valor: Gideon, the sword of the Lord
+ The High Cost of Holiness
+ A Layman Looks at the Lord's Prayer
+ Hawaiian Interlude
+ God Is My Delight
+ Bold Under God
+ The Lord is My Shepherd
+ On the Wilderness Trails
+ David I: The Time of Saul's Tyranny
+ Predators In Our Pulpit
+ Splendour From the Land
+ Under Wilderness Skies
+ Under Desert Skies
+ Songs of My Soul
+ Taming Tension
+ Refections on Nature
+ Pleasures for Evermore
+ Rabboni: Which is to Say, Master